Service Detail

The Building Survey report is individually written for each property covers those parts of it which are readily visible and accessible including any roof space. a full inspection with test of services and machinary where practical, also includes photographs to clarify any doubt and sketches of floor plans and elevations to help to localize the problems if those are necessaries.

The report

Will include a general description of the property, however, in some cases the full condition of a property can only be ascertained by specialist tests, which can´t be undertaken as part of the survey.

In the end, the attitude I take during the inspection is as a buyer intending to occupy the property checking those items that will affect proper use of it. In the same way I also make comments upon any legal or other relevant documents with which I have been provided.

If the client has aparticular concern, special attention will keep during the inspection. Depending upon work levels, properties are normally inspected within 24/48 hours of instruction.

Usually, references to the Structural Survey are included in the Building Survey.