WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU HIRE A CONTRACTOR – Part VI – Planning for Energy Conservation and The Owner/Builder

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Planning for Energy Conservation – Because of rising energy and housing costs, it is advisable when planning an addition in your home to considerer its impact on overall energy use. Some basic energy conservation measures that can be included in your plans are weather stripping, caulking of doors and windows, replacement dual-pane windows, attic and wall insulation and replacing of old inefficient heating and air conditioning system. You might even decide to include a solar energy system.
Whether planning a room addition or just energy conservation improvements to your existing home, be certain to discuss with your contractor / architect which energy conservation measures would be best suited for your home.

The Owner/Builder – Anyone who talks you into being your own general contractor or Owner/Builder, may be doing you no favour. Owner/Builder can describe a situation in which the home owner becomes the general contractor.
As an Owner/Builder, you, not the person you hire, assume responsibility for the overall job, which may include such things as building licenses, code compliance, municipal taxes, worker´s compensations, building´s insurances and any other liabilities.
Unless you are very experienced in construction, it is best to leave these types of matters to your contractor.

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