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Land Surveys

Before buying a property, mainly “cortijos” or rural houses or only a plot of land, it is convenient to do a Land Survey which should include the property if any. It is not included in the Building Survey.

Doing it is possible to compare the plot area obtained with that issued by the main Land Registry Office and the Council Registry Office (“Catastro”).

Approximately 80% of the surveys done showed anomalies between the existing size of the land and / or the buildings and the figures documented in the Title Deeds or Catastro.

These anomalies currently can be salved with a technical procedure informing Catastro´s office or through an Antiquity Certificate or any other technical procedure, and sometimes this work may have implications and disputes with adjacent properties.

Dealing with “Catastro” can take time until get a final regularization and professional fees will depend on the job to do, then, it is necessary to study case by case to quote it.

If the differences in areas found are big, those may impact on the final price´s negotiation with sellers. In my opinion it is important to get this information before to sing any contract or at least include a clause in it doing reference to the final measurement. The additional fee will be subject to plot and / or buildings characteristics and location.

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Soil Reports

Are necessary to obtain information on the ground conditions, e.g. to build new buildings, extensions or as it happens to me, I used this information in a Certified Legal Report to win a court case demonstrating a serious fault with the foundations deepness.

Soil´s bearing capacity, chemical conditions of the ground and the location of the water table zone, etc.; could have influence on foundation´s behaviour and a direct relationship with leaks/filtrations/fissures or cracks into the property.

I work with well-known geologists and laboratories in the area homologated by the Junta de Andalucía. The additional fees will be subject to plot characteristics and location.

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