Since we bought our holiday property in December 2019 Daniel has been heavily involved in all the issues that have needed attention in our absence.
He worked tirelessly to resolve discrepancies in the Title Deeds, redrawing the plans for both the house and the land boundaries. His knowledge, energy and willingness to engage with the local authorities led, after much hard work over many months, to a full resolution of all the issues raised.
He has also site managed all the remedial works needed on the property since our purchase. He has excellent contacts with all trades and everyone who he instructed to work on the property carried out their remits to a very high standard. He kept us fully informed by email with copious photographs of the work in progress and alternative approaches to the job in hand. Woe betide if we were occasionally slow to reply: Daniel likes to keep the ball rolling!
He ensured that all works were carried out on time and on the agreed budget. All this during the pandemic when supplies were hard to source and we were unable to enter Spain. We know that we couldn’t have managed without his drive, support and expertise, throughout.
We are sure that as well as saving us the untold stress of trying to project manage from the UK we also saved financially by employing Daniel. Thoroughly recommended. Deborah y Stephen George – Bédar

I was recommended Daniel by an associate of mine and I was not disappointed.  Daniel was quick to respond and carried out the survey expediently.  Daniel provided a very detailed report, which was both clear and informative.  I had specifically asked him to look into a couple of areas over and above the survey, which he covered off well in his report.  Not only did Daniel provide a comprehensive report on his findings, he also provided some practical guidance, which was very useful.  His professionalism and obvious proficiency provided me with the assurance I needed for my house purchase.  I would certainly recommend Daniel without hesitation. Chris Bradshow – Turre

I contacted Daniel to carry out a survey of a property we were looking to purchase in Mojacar. Daniel was very prompt at responding to our request and produced a very professional report and sorted out some discrepancies with the deeds. He liaised with our lawyers and helped reduce the stress of buying a property in Spain. I would recommend Daniel without hesitation. Tim Boxell – Mojacar

Our summary would be that the total project was finished to our satisfaction and despite several unforeseen technical issues that occurred during the process, the job was completed in a very professional manner. You have our consent if you wish to use any photographs of the completed project,. Andy and Gaynor Jones – Bédar

We engaged Daniel Gonzalez Aranda to carry out an inspection on our apartment prior to purchasing it in order to be aware of any potential problems or unexpected expenses. He proved very professional and the survey was extremely thorough and of a high standard with regard to it’s presentation, accuracy and content. We were very happy with the job you did for us and wish you all the best and would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is undertaking a property purchase or a building project. Tony & Marcella Smith – Turre

Daniel has always been very professional, reliable and easy to contact. He always does what he says he will do and you do not have to chase him. He always replies immediately and if there are any problems or there are going to be any delays he does not fail to let you know. Thank you for all your help and guidance up till now I would recommend Daniel without hesitation. Jackie Dale – Mojacar

I felt that Daniel had my back as he would tell me what information I needed to find out about the property, he told me not to sign anything until we had checked the likely costs, any legal complications such as AFO and boundary issues. This made me feel really reassured as these were things that I’d heard can go wrong so to know that Daniel was highlighting this, I felt supported. When I met Daniel, he showed a great interest in understanding the needs of the property. After walking around the property, I felt comfortable with all of the explanations. Considering I had very limited Spanish vocabulary, everything that Daniel explained in English about the structure, damp, roofing, foundations, etc. made sense. I then started to explain to Daniel that I would do work some myself. He said that just in case things come up that we don’t see on the initial survey, we should quote the price based on me hiring contractors to do everything. That way, I run less risk of underestimating costs. This was another example of how Daniel had my back as his client.

He also gave me further advice on making sure I was protected and made sure that no other potential buyer could benefit from the survey that I’d instructed. When the visit was complete, I was waiting for my survey to highlight what work we needed to complete to reform the property. What I received was so much more than I expected, especially considering the price was low. Daniel had completed both Spanish and English versions of costings. He broke down every last part of the building that needed work to the finest detail. He clearly highlighted all legal issues and put me in the best position to make an offer on the property that would factor in all reform costs, legal fees and taxes. I could not have asked for more. I would highly recommend using the services of Daniel Gonzalez and his genuine approach and wealth of knowledge will give you the confidence you need to pursue your project. I cannot thank Daniel enough, and I hope to work with him again in the future. Brian David – Antas

We learnt many things from DGA. He ran our project in Cortijo Grande with supreme professionalism and helped us navigate the complexities of a substantial programme of improvements to a 50 year old house in the Valley. From the pre purchase survey through to permissions and plans, sourcing a team of top class artisans and skilled tradespeople, he held our hand throughout completing the whole project in time even through the strictures of Covid! In the end we took possession of a fully modernised, efficient and fully equipped villa which will be good for the next 50 years! Thanks Daniel! – David & Jane Green – Cortijo Grande / Turre

I needed a surveyor in Spain, after a little research I found Daniel’s website. After contacting him, I was pleased that he was able to provide a date for a survey and kept me informed throughout the process. I did not have to wait long for the report after he had visited the property and he was able to explain anything that I didn’t understand. He was very professional and responded to any queries that I had throughout the process, in a timely manner. I was more than happy with the service that he provided’ Ushma Savjani – Palomares / Cuevas del Almanzora

We have recently changed ownership of my Dad’s Spanish property to myself and my brother. This exposed a number of issues relating to extensions to the property without land registry and discrepancies with boundary definitions. Daniel was able to clearly identify and explain the issues and resolve them through the complex Spanish system. He achieved this quickly and cost effectively, which included engaging a topographer on our behalf. He kept us very well informed along the way – with fluent written and spoken English. Daniel was totally reliable, professional, proactive and quick to respond. I would not hesitate to use Daniel’s services again or recommend him to others. Caroline Beaumont – Desert Spring Golf / Cuevas del Almanzora

The most important thing for us was that Daniel always turned up at the time he said he would, he was easily contactable and would always respond quickly to any queries! He carried out the work requested in an efficient and business like manner whilst all the while being very easy going and approachable. We would definitely use Daniel again and would have no hesitation in recommending him!  Thank you for the work you did for us……..enjoy the rest of the Summer (and no, we’re not liking the extreme heat). Take care. Kindest regards. Sue and Neal Dunkley – El Pinar de Bedar / Bedar

«Daniel is a very reliable person .Even with a basic house survey, he provided me with relevant information .The report was easy to understand and reassured me regarding the purchase of my Spanish property. I would definitely go back to him, if the need arises in the future.  I recommend his service without any hesitation.» Oumah – Palomares / Cuevas del Almanzora

I recently became the secretary of a Comunidad for 21 co-joined residential properties. A problem I inherited, was dampness caused to a property, with a flat roof terrace, that was classed as communal space and therefore the “comunidad” was responsible for the upkeep of the area. The area had been retiled as a solarium about 10 years before. The problem the “comunidad” faced was, whether to spend a large sum of money refurbishing the solarium, or do as has been done in the past, and that was just to leave it to the owner of the damp property to sort out, thereby shirking our responsibility.  After some discussion at our first committee meeting it was decided that we should seek expert opinion before any monies were spent on behalf of the “comunidad”. I called in the services of Daniel. He visited and carried out a thorough inspection of the solarium area and of the inside of the affected property. His advice was that the refurbished tiled flat roof was sound, and that the problem was, there was damage on the inside of an overflow pipe which was attached to the outside wall of the damp property. We hired a company to break a hole in the property wall, on doing so a large hole was found in the pipe work leaking water into the walls and ceiling of the property. This allowed us to fix the problem once and for all and saved the “comunidad” from spending a large amount of money. Our thanks to Daniel Gonzalez Aranda for his professionalism and experience. We will definitely use his services again when we have an issue. James Attewell > Secretary Jacinto Comunidad – Cortijo Grande / Turre

We needed to upgrade our title deeds to include the swimming pool, shower room and pool works room.  We also needed to confirm the size of the plot of building land in preparation for the sale of the property. Daniel at Survey Andalucia was able to execute all of the above in good time and at a very competitive price. Lynda and David Turner – Mojacar

Daniel was a breath of fresh air from the moment we met him. His professional and objective advice combined with his enthusiasm and responsiveness were exemplary. He helped us with a house purchase including negotiating a discount for some work that was urgently required and we would not have spotted until it was too late! During the subsequent renovation, he also acted as our ‘go-between’ with the Spanish speaking local building contractor. As we were only visiting once every couple of months, he kept us informed via email and phone of progress and discussed any issues quickly and transparently with us. His value became even more apparent during the pandemic when visiting the site became impossible for us. Even now, a year down the line, Daniel will always step up to help us with any issues that arise and co-ordinate local services that we might need. I don’t hesitate in recommending him and his services.  Heather McCarthy – Cortijo Grande / Turre

We engaged Daniel at Survey Andalucia to perform a survey on a house purchase.  We knew that the house needed renovation and his survey was intended to give us piece of mind. Daniel responded very quickly and visited the property within days of first contact, which was much needed so that the purchase was not delayed. His survey was extremely thorough providing detailed information on the house (state of building, external ground, services, planning, environmental concerns and copies of the Title Deed and Catastral Record).              He included numerous high definition photographs, especially if any defects or areas of concern were discovered. The final report was extremely detailed and incredibly useful in the purchase process and we are extremely grateful for his work. (We realised that the house needed considerably more work than previously thought). His work attitude was very polite, helpful and efficient and we would certainly use his again. We highly recommend him.  Mark Gooding – Huercal Overa

“My wife and I were trying to buy a house during in Spain during the summer holiday season and needed someone to do a building survey. Daniel was nice enough to respond to us while on vacation and answer any questions. Once we left Spain, he set up the appointment with the real estate agent, surveyed the property, and sent us a detailed report in a very timely manner. He answered all of the questions we had about the property and even contacted the builder who made renovations on the place over 20 years ago to get more complete information for us.  Thanks to Daniel’s efforts, we feel a lot more confident going forward with the purchase. We found him to be approachable, communicative, and professional, and would highly recommend his services.  Bart Chlebowski and Heather Daley – Almería  

Daniel has been instrumental in ratifying the boundaries & AFO for our property in Mojacar. Daniel has the utmost patience and is thoroughly professional and reliable, always keeping us informed of what stage we were at and turning up when he said he would. I would recommend Daniel 100%. Ann Gregory – Hugh Stanley – Mojacar

We contacted Daniel when we were in the final phase of the purchase of our home and he came to visit the house and gave us good advice with regard to the purchase.  The property came with many defects, including a 6m retaining wall which had failed and was falling down the hill risking the security of the house.  Daniel promptly organised a specialist topographer and set up a wall monitoring system, and whilst this was in place a structural architect was employed to plan and produce drawings for the wall rebuild.  He also organised and supervised the contractor for the wall rebuilding and the land plot also was GPS marked, using concrete marker posts, in accordance with the Escritorial.

Daniel then organised a building contractor for the replacement of all the terraces whilst ensuring that the correct water run-offs were installed.  The building contractor also replaced a bathroom with a walk-in shower; concreted the driveway; installed the land drainage system and a new septic tank; new garden and terrace railings and gates plus many other smaller works.  An electrical and plumbing engineer was employed to install a new gas central heating system along with a full air-conditioning system, and a painting contractor completed the painting of the house, interior and exterior, in record time and below budget.  Daniel supervised all the works ensuring they were carried out to a high standard. Daniel organised all of the correct building licences and permissions necessary to fully legalise the works, with all estimates and invoices for works closely checked and agreed before being passed to us for payment.  Much time and stress was saved by employing Daniel as his knowledge and organisational skills allowed all works to run smoothly and any problems to be sorted out swiftly.  His fees were very reasonable when taking into account the costings, supervision and quantifying the final accounts.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Daniel to anyone with a building project and are willing to give a personalised reference.           Fred and Julie Wing – Sierra Cabrera – Turre

We were recommended to Daniel by friends who had thought their situation was impossible to resolve. We felt much the same way after using two previous solicitors both of which cost us a fortune but got us nowhere. From the beginning Daniel was amazing. He did everything.  We couldn’t recommend him highly enough. We have lived in Spain for 16 years, he was efficient, kind, never late and kept us updated constantly. Would recommend him in a heartbeat, so grateful that he was recommended to us.                                                  Denise and Tony Cross – La Ribina – Cuevas del Almanzora

Daniel is a competent, professional architect who is reliable and trustworthy. He knows his job inside out and communicates thoroughly with his client. We only wish we had met him earlier as he has allayed a lot of our fears and guided us through the various stages of upgrading our house boundaries and extensions. He is prompt and his honest response to our queries was immediate. We cannot speak more highly of him and would not hesitate to recommend him or to use his services again if the need arises.                                            Isobel & Eric Hall – Pinar de Bédar – Bédar

Daniel came to my house having been recommended.  If you want good, knowledgeable, efficient and competitive in prices use Survey Andalucia.  Survey Andalucia, Daniel’s company was invaluable, Daniel was professional, patient in his explanations to a single woman needing to understand exactly what was what. I was in the middle of negotiating a Rent to Buy scenario, price and, a good sound property were the 2 things in question.  Clearly as in the UK I wanted a survey done on the property to ensure I was not buying a nightmare. Daniel’s English was fantastic, as I had only been in Spain for a few months this enabled me to understand clearly, exactly what I was buying and future costs. This again reflected on the price I was going to pay and helped in the negotiations further down the line.

Daniel spent many hours at my property and I cannot thank him enough for his advice and assistance.  Daniel also has many contacts in the construction industry one of which he recommended to me regarding problems with the roof, who again reflected Survey Andalucia’s professionalism and, came in with the lowest price against other quotes received for the works. Please use Daniel/Survey Andalucia he will save you money in the long run and trusting him as I do, which, as a newbie in a foreign country is reassuring. Survey Andalucia can introduce you to any needed contractor when works need doing all of which leave you knowing you are in safe hands.  Thank you Daniel and, frankly I cannot see any reason why anyone needing works or survey’s would use any other company but Survey Andalucia.          Lynne Hilton – Los Gallardos

I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel González over the last 3 years on a few different projects in this region, and can testify to his professionalism on all aspect of the Construction Industry.
With my own Architectural and Development background, I was selected by the residents of our Urbanisation to investigate some construction detail failures we were experiencing, and having made an initial assessment, I requested of our administrators to involve a local Spanish Architect to represent us,  and Daniel González Aranda was subsequently introduced.
After his on site inspection plus appraisal of the available documents, Daniel very quickly summarised his thoughts on these issues, and committed them to explanatory drawings and remedial specifications, which were later used on our successful claim against the original Developer/Promotor.
In addition, I engaged him privately to make representation to Vera Town Hall for various amendments I required to undertake on a Villa I was purchasing in Valle Del Este. I was surprised at the inordinate amount of documentation this necessitated, but Daniel achieved this in short time with the ultimate efficiency.
Unfortunately it was necessary to withdraw from this purchase, as the sitting Tenants reneged on their agreement with the vendor and refused to vacate. This was quite stressful, but Daniel undertook to approach Vera Town Hall, and as a consequence had my outlay of licence fees returned to me successfully.
After the disappointment of the Valle Del Este villa purchase, I asked Daniel if he could organise a meeting with the Technical Architect at Turre Town Hall, in order to validate the legality of a villa built on Rustic land outside Turre. Despite assurances from the British vendor and his solicitor, it transpired that the villa was illegal. Once again this came as a shock, but due to Daniel’s investigation I would not have been able to ascertain these problems.
I would suggest to anyone, lay person or otherwise, requiring Architectural or Survey services to introduce themselves to Daniel Gonzales, as I am confident they will be rewarded by his professional demeanour, and depth of experience, to assist bringing any project to a conclusion or fruition.  James Livingstone – Vera / Turre

I have used Daniels expertise twice and been very impressed. Partly from his knowledge of the building trade and professional requirements to do the work required, and partly from the all important part of knowing all the correct people to get the job done. The 2 town halls I needed to get the correct permissions and information were known well by Daniel and he did not waste any time going straight to the right department/person needed to sort the query out. I can fully recommend this person and will use him again when the need arises.  Richard Cooper – Bedar/Mojacar

Daniel performed the survey on my house before the sale went through and I can say that the report was extremely thorough and detailed, covering all of the areas one would expect. His communication has always been first class; he is always readily available for advice or opinions and gets back to you very quickly. More recently I have commissioned him to design a pergola to cover a terrace in my house. All of the submitted designs were well-thought out and detailed — and from these I was able to make an informed decision on which to choose. He has been invaluable in liaising with builders, city officials, estate agents and even neighbours with regards to potential building works. I can’t thank Daniel enough for his guidance and professionalism and I highly recommend him to anyone considering his services.   Ashley Chivers – Lubrín

Daniel has carried out large scale land surveys and provided expert planning advice to various companies I administer. As a qualified UK surveyor for 30 years I appreciate his methodical approach and detail in his services which is the sign of a professional. I can add that both good service and value has been received by from Daniel with the benefit of speaking excellent English for clients that are not Spanish speaking. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel. Fran Parkinson – Mojacar / Consultant Surveyor and Valuer

We purchased some land adjacent to our house and commissioned Daniel to undertake a detailed survey and check against Catastral records and Title deeds. It was a wise move because there were significant discrepancies and with his help we were able to submit accurate boundaries and coordinates.
He also provided some very useful information on Building regulations that we passed on to our lawyer.
A highly professional and very friendly individual who I would have no hesitation in recommending. Nigel Bennet – Rodalquilar / Nijar

We would like to say that we used DANIEL for the purchase of our property in Spain, he was very friendly and approachable. He did such a thorough survey and managed to highlight a few problems for us, which enabled us to reduce the purchase price. We would highly recommend his services to anybody needing a good surveyor. Kind Regards. Peter & Carol Moore – Agua Nueva / Turre

We decided to sell our property which we had lived in and used as a holiday home for 18 years. When we came to sell it our estate agent suggested we should update the escritura and have our boundaries determined for the sale. We used Daniel as our architect in order to establish the above. This was not easy for him as we were not able to be in Spain. So a lot of time was spent with emails and him contacting our neighbours for the boundaries to be established. All through the process he was informative, considerate and professional and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Kind regards. Malcolm and Susan Blair – El Largo / Cuevas del Almanzora

I initially engaged Daniel to perform a pre-purchase survey for me on a house I was interested in purchasing during a whistle-stop tour of Almeria, Spain. His structural report was very comprehensive, clearly highlighting the issues with the house and giving his detailed recommendations. As my Spanish was non-existent and the local estate agent had no English, he also acted as my interpreter during the negotiations.Unfortunately, the purchase fell through at the last minute. However, Daniel then took on the role as my local representative, checking out potential other properties for me until I could return to Spain to finally complete the purchase of my current property. Leading up to this purchase, Daniel liaised with my lawyer, the Town Hall as well as the sellers on my behalf and largely thanks to him, this time the sale actually crossed the finish line.Throughout my entire property hunt in Spain, I found Daniel to be very professional and always keeping me informed at all stages. In fact, I was so impressed by his attention to details and his prompt and punctual service, that I have now engaged him design as well oversee the build of a new house for me. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Daniel and I am more than happy to speak to anyone in person regarding my reference. Helen Renden – Vera

Daniel is a outstanding and exceptional professional architect and surveyor. We purchased a commercial property in Mojacar without realising there was an illegal structure traversing our property belonging to a neighbour. Daniel produced an excellent technical report in order for us to challenge the location of the structure. Advising us on the necessary ethical steps in the process. We felt completely confident in his skills and abilities as we quickly became aware that he holds expert knowledge. Purchasing property in a new country can be challenging at times, however Daniel is multi-lingual and there were never any communication challenges. He also responds very quickly to any emails, messages or phone calls. We achieved a satisfactory resolution as the it was determined the structure was illegal and it was removed. We recommend Daniel very highly as his services are outstanding, superlative and exemplary. On top of that he is a very nice person. Thank you Daniel for everything you did for us. Derek Hansel and Gina Higginbottom – Mojacar

We bought our villa in Albox in 2016. I have been really impressed with Daniel. Daniel is Spanish but has lived in the USA so has very good English. The first Villa we tried to buy was in Zurgena.Although the Estate agent claimed to offer only Villa’s that were 100% legal – this was not true….Daniel did a very thorough survey on the Villa before we purchase it. Although to me it looked perfect, he found a big problem: the certificate of first occupancy had not been issued. The vendors were unwilling to progress this and so the sale collapsed. This saved me potential disaster and a lot of money.Then we eventually bought our villa in AlboxOnce again, the villa looked perfect, but Daniel discovered an issue with the water supply, while this was not a showstopper, he estimated the remedial costs to be high at about €5000.The vendors were very responsive to a discussion about this and we eventually we agreed to pay half each.There were a few other minor issues that we accepted in the spirit of compromise – they are on my list!Daniel offered a significant reduction on the second survey as we had not completed on the first villa. Daniel then agreed to manage the remedial project, and had all the discussions with Gestagua and a building contractor on my behalf (he even came into the bank with me to explain how to make the transfer of the required funds.) We agreed an hourly rate for this.Although every estate agent said that a survey is unnecessary (and unusual) in Spain, there is no way I would buy a property without one. And if I ever buy another -I can’t imagine doing it without Daniel’s help. Regards. Bill & May Fardell – Albox

We requested a report within a short timescale in early 2018 and Daniel was happy to accommodate our request. The visit was made within 3 days and the report was received shortly afterwards. The report itself was easy to read and comprehensive and we were also subsequently provided with approximate costs for works required. The report gave us peace of mind and we did proceed to purchase the property.I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel’s surveying service. Cliff & Sarah Allsopp – Mojacar

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel last year 2017 by accident. I was and am in the process of selling my villa when I was informed I had a problem with my «escritura». In essence it meant having the plans of the villa redrawn and re-registered with the relevant authorities. Daniel took on the task and completed everything that needed to be done in very short time. I was very impressed. It was an excellent service and I would recommend him without hesitation!! Maurice Backhouse – Mojácar

DanielWe would just like to thank you for giving us your support throughout a difficult property purchase transaction over past months and, more recently, a successful property purchase. We were truly impressed with your professionalism, the thoroughness with which you conducted your services and the promptness with which you responded to our emails (even over the Christmas holiday period). You always turned up for appointments when expected and kept us well informed by explaining things clearly and concisely in English. Thank you.We would not hesitate in recommending you to others and will be engaging your services again very soon.Thank you once again.  Anne & Ray Jacobs – Bedar

Dear Daniel. I would like to thank you for your professional assistance in connection with the sale of our house Casa Alos in Algarrobina. Everything went fine and I have recommended you to my friends that are thinking of selling their house. Again thanks. Jan Henrik & Helle Vik – Algarrobina –Cuevas del Almanzora

Daniel Gonzalez Aranda directed an extensive reconstruction of our recently-built, leaking and molding house. Daniel also had drainage installed of the terraces surrounding the house. The restoration was a painful process during which my husband and I sometimes felt we would like to be reassured that the house was going to be okay in stead of hearing more bad news. However, the improvements have turned the worry about coming to Mojacar (what will we find this time?) into enjoyment.We know Daniel as a thorough architect who keeps his appointments, both in time and in work. If we need more work done, we’ll definitely ask him again.  Veronica Bakker & Erik Van Arend – Mojacar

We had (and still have)  a holiday home on the borders of Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco  and had encountered problems with the builder and subsequently problems with the building.Daniel was introduced to us as a professional  who would be able to conduct a detailed survey and present a report that would be used in trying to rectify the faults and problems we had encountered. Daniel undertook the commission and completed the survey, he was extremely through and did not mince his word in the his comprehensive and detailed report. Unfortunately, the Builder did not respond and we had to take the matter to the courtsDaniel’s report was accepted into the court records in evidence and he also appeared on our behalf to give evidence  which was crucial to our case. I believe that the manner in which he presented his report and evidence before the court had a distinct bearing to the success of our case.We cannot thank Daniel enough for his services and would not hesitate to use him again if the occasion arose. We would also highly recommend his service to others not only because of his expertise but also as he is an extremely pleasant person to work with. Alan Boss – Velez Blanco and Cambridgeshire

“Daniel was recommended by a friend whose judgment and opinions I trust. He is extremely professional, and more importantly very thorough. He doesn’t let any problems phase him and will research any difficulty until he can resolve the matter. He speaks good English and updates me constantly, in fact his favorite saying at the end of every telephone conversation is ‘stay in touch’ I used to find that funny, but he genuinely does stay in touch. I have, and would recommend him anytime despite him not being local, he has always gone the extra mile. Thanks Daniel, so far it has been a pleasure dealing with you”. Cecilia Carver – Las Pocicas – Albox

“ I have known Daniel for over a year and during this time he has acted as my professional adviser on the sale of my house in Spain. I have been impressed by his attention to detail, his integrity and his assistance in matters not strictly part of his duties. I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel for his technical and professional qualities”.  Alastair  Manson – Mojacar

“A thoroughly professional solutions man who personally oversees all aspects of the project with great attention to details”.  Jan and Tim Walker – Valle del Este Golf – Vera

“Daniel Gonzales was recommended to me to help resolve a possible boundary dispute and proved every bit worthy of the recommendation. Professional, reliable, fast and efficient. Thank you Daniel.” Michael Evans – Mojacar

We used Daniel for work we wanted to get done in our new house in Bedar. He recommended a really excellent company (Ricardo-Nixaric) to do the work – fencing, painting, renewing timbers on a porch, brickwork etc. Daniel was extremely efficient and was a great help speaking to the Town Hall to secure the necessary licences on our behalf. We have no hesitation in recommending him. Kind regards. Gill & Steve Bailey – Bedar

You have always provided me with a great professional service with regards to my home. You have indeed helped me overcome the various localised and National peculiarities that occur in Spain. Without your help I would not have been able to solve the various problems and issues. Many Thanks. Mike Monks – El Pinar de Bedar – Bedar

My problem was very involved as the «escritura» was not correct and the local authority did not have the correct names of owners or the proper address.   Daniel came to the property and took very detailed measurements, interviewed local householders and liased with the local authority in order to correct the anomolies.   Overall a very time-consuming business which he handled to my great satisfaction.  Michael Menhinick – El Pilar – Huercal-Overa

Daniel Gonzalez Aranda,  recently carried out work for me on behalf of my neighbor. I found him to be very professional very efficient and very quick to deal with the required documentation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a most honest and reliable person. You will not be disappointed with him in any way. Ian Clay – Los Carrascos – Arboleas

A star of a surveyor!Daniel has extensive knowledge and experience in the area and gives a reliable, prompt service with a clear and detailed survey. He keeps you informed every step of the way and explains anything you might not be sure of. His advice is invaluable when buying a property here and I cannot recommend him enough. Caroline Sayer – Mojacar

Dear Daniel. I found you to be very efficient, with a friendly professional manner and informative, very helpfull.  I also appreciated the way you explained things to me in laymen’s terms, kind regards. Christine Oyuke – El Palacés – Zurgena

We engaged Daniel in the matter of obtaining for us a Certificate of Antiquity, this he completed for us in a very professional and very friendly way and went the extra mile when we encounter any difficulties. We have no hesitation in recommending Daniel to anyone with planning problems. Hope this meets with your approval and that you are well. It is good to keep in touch. Best regards.  Albert Marshall – La Perla – Arboleas

Without hesitation ,we can recommend Daniel González.Half of our new house together with the pool were collapsing. As we were not getting any help from our builder and architects we called on Daniel for an inspection. It was decided to take the architects to Court and Daniel wrote a thorough and extensive report which eventually led us to win our case against the original architects.We asked him to act as our Architect for the remedial work(underpinning  of house and pool stabilizing of retaining wall etc.). All very satisfactory. We could not have won our case without his expertise and sheer hard work. Michèle and David Boler – La Alfoquía – Zurgena

We were advised by our estate agent to contact Daniel to get a certificate of energy efficiency and antiquity certificate for the sale of our villa. Daniel provided a very quick and efficient service detailing exactly what he was going to do, what the cost was and gave us a time scale to complete the work which he worked to. Regards. Graham & Ann Clough – Zurgena

Daniel Gonzalez; a professional technical property expert; in the true sense. I have experienced his dedication to providing client solutions to problems and issues arising with properties. He has offered guidance and expert solutions and management at all times. Highly recommended! Karen O´Hagan Director of Casa y Campo Real Estate – Lubrín

I have contact Mr. Daniel Gonzalez Aranda to advise and help me to sort out a huge problem of humidity in my newly bought flat in Valle del Este, Urbanization Agave Real. The promoter did not want to do anything to resolve the problems therefore I had to prepare the prove of the important defect. Thank to the professionalism and skill of Mr. Daniel Gonzalez and his support the matter has been resolve to my satisfaction without having to go to Court. Marianne Manus – Valle del Este – Vera

I’m extremely impressed by Daniel’s work and professionalism and I would not hesitate to engage his services again in the future. I asked him complete a certificate of antiquities for my property in Arboleas and found Daniel to be prompt in reply, completing the work for certification to be granted at my town hall in both a very efficient and professional manner. His price was very reasonable for the work completed but what I really liked about Daniel is that he kept me fully informed at every stage of the process and extremely helpful in all aspects of the work carried out. Dawn Elizabeth Youlden – La perla – Arboleas

“We were delighted with quality of the survey provided by Daniel. We bought a property in Mojacar that we had only seen once and were reliant on his findings. The detail that he went into was far more than we were expecting, including photographs and it reassured us to go ahead with the purchase. I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Chris Langley – Mojacar

We used the services of architect Daniel Gonzalez Aranda, in order to have the proper legal paperwork when we sold our villa in 2015.We found his services to be very professional and prompt in obtaining the necessary papers to sell our villa, and his services were very professional and we are sure it helped to proceed with the sale by having the paperwork for the legislative papers we required when we presented the appropriate paperwork to the Notary in Vera. Betty & Atholl Ferguson – Zurgena

I can say the work Daniel González did for me was excellent and that I was happy with the quality the price and the time taken to complete the work. Ian Glendining – Arboleas

Daniel became known to us whilst employed by clients buying our property. We found him to be extremely professional and very thorough. We were so impressed, we decided to approach him when we were in the process of buying another property. We can honestly say, we could not have gone ahead with the purchase if it hadn’t been for his tremendous dedication and perseverance. Daniel is a true professional dedicated to his work and we have no hesitation in recommending him. Gilbert & Mary McHarg, La Concepción, Huercal Overa

I highly recommend Daniel Gonzalez Aranda, having used his services (in 2015) for both Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), when selling my former property, and Property Inspection Report (home buyer’s survey), when purchasing my current property, an old «cortijo». On the latter, he was particularly helpful in providing third party estimates for the necessary remedial work and in helping negotiations with the Sellers resulting in a substantial reduction of the purchase price, which more than justified his, very reasonable, fee. I found Daniel to be extremely thorough, conscientious and professional in his work and an extremely good communicator, in English.  Alyn Edwards – Tabernas

Having run our property rental & pool & property cleaning business ( Guardian Angels Properties ) in San Juan de los Terreros for over 10 years we have dealt with Daniel on many occasions and always found him to be very professional at all times. He is always very smart and turns up on the day and time he says he will, a very rare thing in Spain. His fees are very reasonable and we have recommended his services to many other people and have no hesitation to do so again. Carol and Derrick Towlson – San Juan de Los Terreros – Pulpí

Daniel carried out a very thorough survey of our property prior to our purchase in Spain. His report was very professional and clear and in English. Jo & David Brocklebank – Vera Playa

Regarding Daniel Gonzalez Aranda of Property Inspection Reports.We first met Daniel when he performed the survey on a villa we wished to purchase in Albox, Almeria.  Daniel presented us with a very detailed report – highlighting any work that may need to be done in the future and recommendations for work to be completed now.  We were very pleased with his work.Once the purchase was completed we again employed Daniel to look into legalizing the property.  He liaised with the appropriate people in the Town Hall and took all the worry and work away from us and just “got on with it”.  He liaised with our Lawyer and kept us informed of progress as he went along.We would definitely recommend Daniel to anyone who is looking for a surveyor and would be more than happy to speak to anyone personally regarding our reference. Sarah & Stephen Hyne – Albox

Daniel performed a pre-purchase survey for me and flagged-up an issue which may have prevented the sale. He immediately reported this to me and subsequently the vendor was able to rectify the situation. I would certainly use his services again and have no hesitation in recommending him. Fiona Greer – Villaricos – Cuevas del Almanzora

I have worked with Daniel the past three years and I have found him to be punctual … which is rare here in Southern Spain and very professional in his work. Both myself and the clients I send him find him very amicable and easy to work with, which again is very rare here in southern Spain.I know that I can order him a job and he will get on with causing no problems and giving me peace of mind. I would recommend him to anyone. Juan Carlos Gutierrez – REMAX

We contacted Daniel via his advertisement in the press firstly to arrange for a Energy Certificate for a house we were selling and found him to be very thorough and professional, arranging and meeting with us at the appropriate time and delivering the Certificate promptly.  We also needed his professional services with licenses plans etc for our current home, all of which has been a bit complicated.  However, Daniel has  advised us on all of the necessary matters and produced all the necessary plans, licenses, paperwork etc we required.  He has throughout the process been extremely helpful, coming to our house when needed to explain matters in more detail and has always been prompt and punctual.  We find him very pleasant to work with and know he has often put himself out to sort matters for us without us having to ask him.  We appreciate all of his hard work. David and Sally Hardwick – Vera

We appointed Daniel to do a survey on a property we were planning to buy even though our estate agent assured us it wasn’t necessary.  We were so glad we did as Daniel’s very thorough, comprehensive survey pinpointed quite a few problems we hadn’t noticed.  We were able to negotiate with the vendors to get the problems sorted before we went ahead with the purchase.   We would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel to anyone considering purchasing a property –  a very professional service. Phil & Barbara Toothill – Chercos

“We had the pleasure of having Daniel on our side in a particularly complex case when we were living in Spain. His expertise, professionalism and command of the situation was first class. He is both personable and professional and obviously well respected by other professionals. We have no hesitation in recommending Daniel and wish him all the very best in his career.” Norman and Alison Devereux – Pinar de Bedar – Bedar

Dear Daniel:I finally have time to write to thank you for the wonderful “work” we had had  at home, four or five years ago.It is unforgettable because there were a lot of damages and changes to repair. You give us good advices  about them so I can´t thank you enough and trust  we didn´t inconvenience you too much.Thanks  and give my regards to your family. María Algarte – Almería

We have known Daniel for many years having originally sought his professional help in investigating, diagnosing,  and overseeing the successful remedy and repair of a problem with a property we owned.   His professional experience & knowledge coupled with the extensive & detailed investigation methods ( not least his excellent detailed written reports)  he employed were impressive, and more importantly productive. Not living in Spain  we needed somebody we could trust & Daniel was given unfettered access to the property where he  oversaw the complete selection & management of sub contractors,  the quality control of their work including the verification of billing & cost control.- I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Daniel Gonzalez Aranda to anybody in the full knowledge that his experience, professionalism, knowledge , honesty and integrity ( and in particular  for those with limited or little Spanish, as his English, spoken & written is excellent   ) will make their project, whatever it may be, a smooth and professional experience. James Kavanagh – Vera

I have known Daniel of Property Inspection Reports for many years and having recently worked with him on a large under build of a villa that was flooding. I found Daniel to be one of the very few Spanish architects to fully understand the causes and solutions to damp in buildings . His knowledge of general construction is excellent as is his spoken and written English so there are no misunderstandings with specifications. Kevin Nurse – Southern Spain Damp Proofing – Cantoria

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Daniel in October 2015 with some badly needed renovations to our property in Agua Nueva, Turre.  We were both highly impressed with they way he diagnosed underlying problems and helped us work with the contractor who provided the repairs.  We would gladly utilize Daniel’s services in the future and recommend him to others for any related projects whether it’s new construction, upgrades and/or repairs.’ Fred Levitan – Agua Nueva – Turre

It has been my pleasure to work with Daniel on a number of occasions, most notably when problems have arisen for clients that have required expert advice before a solution can be achieved. He has always delivered his written opinion, report or project within the agreed deadline and has helped these clients resolve the issues either by negotiation with the parties involved or, when this has not been possible, by appearing as an expert witness in the necessary courts or hearings. His conduct is always professional, courteous and positive and his command of English is remarkable. Carrie Roots – Owner of Real Spain Properties – Velez Blanco

Dear Daniel, we wish to congratulate you on your new and very attractive Website. It really does you justice, especially so after having enjoyed the experience of meeting you and enjoying the very good quality of your service as our Architect and Building Engineer when we had the necessity of defining our internal boundaries and you did it with such a strong sense of honesty and correctness for both parties involved. Thank you very much for moving to Spain and being such a good option to indigenous Spaniard competitors. Sincerely. Assis & Jutta Fernandes – Mojacar

We were introduced to Daniel Gonzalez by a neighbor on Agua Nueva where we were purchasing a property. The property was in a low lying part of the development and was subject to flooding when the rains came! It also had a basement which flooded when it rained heavily and which was damp and constantly smelled of damp!On completion of the purchase, we found that the French drain, installed by the Promoter, was wrongly constructed, that there were many faults in the build of the house and in the electrical and air conditioning installations, all of which had to be corrected before we could occupy the property.Daniel acted not only as our Technical Advisor on all the remedial work but also as our Project Manager, liaising  with, and coordinating, all the contractors involved in the remedial project.His biggest challenge was calculating the levels of the plot so as to install drainage to prevent further flooding of the plot and of the basement, because the basement windows were extremely close to the ground level of the plot.His meticulous attention to detail came to the fore when calculating these levels, determining the soil conditions to support the swimming pool and in determining the specification for the build of the swimming pool as a number of pools in the area had either tilted in the ground or had broken due to ground movement.Daniel was on site every day, or on-call and available, to deal with any emergencies or unforeseen problems of which there were many!Thanks to Daniel’s attention to detail, diligence, expertise and technical experience, we now have a beautiful home which is free of damp and in which everything works, terraces from which the rainwater drains away from the house and a pool which, according to the principal contractor, was built to the standard of a nuclear shelter!Would we recommend Daniel Gonzalez to you ……. Absolutely!  Dr Harry J Breen & Mrs Mary B Breen – Agua Nueva – Turre.

We are happy to let you know our views on your work ethics as we were completely satisfied & happy with the service you gave as you were so efficient & responded to all emails & questions, there were no delays on your behalf & you completed all works necessary within a short space of time which we really appreciated. We would definitely recommend you to others. Michelle Chapman & Spencer Fletcher – Vera

I would like to confirm that Daniel Gonzalez has been working for an English friend and client of mine, for an extended period of over 2 years. My client is pursuing a court claim against his house builder/promoter here in Spain. I manage his day to day affairs in Spain as he lives in the UK and uses his villa here as a holiday home.I have had many dealings with Daniel regarding my client, and a couple on a personal nature, and I would like to state that he has always proved to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and honourable. He is also a very approachable person and non judgmental. It has been a pleasure dealing with him and I would whole heartedly recommend him to others. Nick Guill – Velez Blanco

It is with pleasure that we would recommend you to anybody who needs the services of an excellent and professional Architect.We were very pleased with your pro-activeness and professionalism in every part of the process of definitively measuring our house, with your up-to date equipment and accurately defining our Energy Certificate rating, plus your availability, friendliness and openness at all times.We would also now count you as a valued friend. With kind regards. Eileen and David Templeman – Vera

Daniel gave us a reliable, prompt service with a clear and detailed survey. He kept us informed every step of the way and explained everything to us. His experience, professionalism, knowledge , honesty and integrity (especially for those of us with limited or little Spanish, as his English, spoken & written is excellent). As we were not in Spain when the work on our apartment was needed, Daniel sorted out a company to do the repairs and made the experience very smooth and professional. We cannot recommend him enough.  Gerald & Christine Williams – Al Andalus Thalassa – Vera.

We had to have our house and land re-measured for the Catastro and Daniel did the job with the utmost efficiency. We have no complaints. Derek and Josephine Roberts – Sorbas

Dirijo una empresa de Control de Calidad desde hace 15 años. Daniel es uno de los arquitectos que conozco y con los que me felicito de trabajar, que comprende la importancia del Control de Calidad en todas las obras que dirije. Igualmente de trato cordial y cercano, siempre actúa con sentido común ante cualquier resolución de problemas. Lo recomiendo para poner en sus manos cualquier proyecto. No lo defraudará. Antonio Miguel Navarro Castro – Geólogo Director Técnico- INACON S.L- Cuevas del Almanzora

Los trabajos realizados por el arquitecto Daniel González Aranda, se desarrollaron de manera correcta y según las especificaciones solicitadas. Demostrando ser un profesional serio y responsable. Destacar implicación y dinamismo. Nuestra experiencia fue satisfactoria.  Luis García – Gerente de Construcciones Garguel S.L – Vera