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An inspection of the building with particular reference to construction problems outlining any visible defects in accordance with photographic illustrations attached to this report and also a comparative analysis of areas built according provided documentation.
Note 1: It would be necessary the collaboration of the estate agent, seller, seller´s legal adviser, key holder, administrators, authorities or any people in charge of the property, in order to get reliable information and on time to complete this Report.
The attitude and timing of responses of any of the actors mentioned above is not guarantee.

1.- Photographs (internal and external) of the property including aerial location.

2.- Comments on accommodations including rising damp control on internal walls using a moisture detector.

3.- Property conditions. Status. Site area. Boundaries.
Comments on it.

4.- (A). External measurements to be made with tape and laser meter.
Note 2: sometimes it is not possible do this job, complicated property construction and location, neighbor´s constructions affecting boundaries, plot characteristics, no access to flat walking roofs, etc, etc. In few words, the surveyor will take as much information as possible in order to determinate the total area built, without considering inaccessible areas in the property or its surroundings.

5.- Verify PGOU Planning Zoning
Comments on it.

6.- (B). Title Deed Extract (Nota Simple)
Comments on it.
Note 3: if the case we must supply a copy of it, the extra cost is 12€.

7.- (C). Cadastral Description.
Comments on it, verifying if the property is topographically co-ordinated.
Combined aerial/cadastral photo is attached to the report.

8.- Comparative Table using (A), (B) and (C) measurements.
Comments on Comparative Table, checking and advising on extensions and/or alterations done in the property through the visual inspection and historic photograph.
Advise on proposal solutions.

9.- Energy Performance Certificate and its registration.
Comments on it.
Note 4: if the EPC is not done, its quote is 100€ + 21% VAT
Note 5: further studies and recommendations to improve the energy rating of the property could be consulted separately from this report.

10.- Property Services:
10.1.- Contracted Electricity Capacity
10.2.- Water source
10.3.- Drainage
10.4.- Gas source / Gas Installation / Inspection Certificate
10.5.- Hot Water
10.6.- Central Heating
10.7.- Air Conditioned
10.8.- TV, Telephone and Internet services
10.9.- Alarm system and maintenance
10.10.- Water purification system
10.11.- Water Irrigation System
10.12.- Pool maintenance

11.- If there is any special issue to be checked, it must be send in advance by e-mail in order to be evaluated before to visit the property.

12.- Summary

Extras not included in the offer:

a.- To get copy of “Informe Urbanístico/Urban Report”, “Licencia de Primera Ocupación/Occupation Licence”, “Licencia de Uso/Use Licence”, Certificado ITE/Technical Building Inspection Certificate” or any other document of the property or part of it, will be quoted separately from this report.
Council taxes or fees to be pay for them are not included either.
Note 6: currently, Town Halls take several weeks to prepare them, also to submit the forms it is necessary a written authorization from the vendor or authorized people.

b.- Further studies and recommendations for extensions or alterations that you, as a buyer wish to do, could be consulted and be quoted separately from this report.

c.- The offer is considering a property with maximum of 200 sq m area built.
Over that, the offer will be quoted according Cadastral or registered information, whichever is bigger.

d.- Plot measurements is not included, in this case, a land survey should be carried out to get existing plot´s dimensions and topographical coordinates, also building areas can be incorporated in it. This work can be quoted separately from this report.

Survey Andalucía assume its report could be especially useful for your solicitor who have not visited the property and prepare on your behalf the legal documents,
In the case you don´t have any, let us tell you, Survey Andalucia collaborates with different qualified solicitors with several years experience.
Wthout any compromise, you can receive contact details of them.

Any other issue not included in the list will be quoted separately.
Professional fees for this offer: 600€.
21% VAT must be added on final fees.
Travel fees are 50ç by km, considering the round trip from Vera, Almería.
Depending upon work levels, Survey Andalucia can normally inspect a property within 48 hours of instruction, and after receiving the provision of funds.
Survey Andalucia provides the written report by e-mail together with the invoice.
Note 7: if after read the report, you also wish to meet the surveyor at the property, walk it receiving a verbal explanation and answering questions, it will be quoted separately from this report.

If there is any question that you might want to know, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel González trhough surveyandalucia@gmail.com or what´s app (34) 686 846 624.
Feel free to visit Testimonials box in www.surveyandalucia.com to know more about clients opinions.

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