Service Detail

Sometimes clients buy properties with a view to extending or remodelling it. It is really important the professional work is professionally monitored, which may well be in the owner´s absence. From the distance the process can be fraught with difficulties, and these can be significant problems with difficult and costly to resolve.

Among my services

I am able to provide advice throughout this process, including the initial procurement of budgets, appointment with contractors, building licence application and coordination, cost control that is fundamental to the successful outcome of a work, design coordination, inspection program monitoring at regular intervals (those can be depending the work) in order to ensure that the specification is correctly implemented.
The client´s investment can help to minimize the risk of programme delays, conflict with builders regarding specification issues than in the end represent costly extras. I understand this works add a percentage to the overall cost of the project but the benefits are invaluable to any client and more if these clients live overseas or are unfamiliar with Spanish procedures.

Some Testimonials belong to clients that had pass for this experience.