Service Detail


.-. Energy Performance Certificate + the EPC registration with the Junta de Andalucía: from 100€ plus 21%VAT + 14.40€ (taxes for its registration)

.-. Building Surveys from 500€ plus 21%VAT

.-. Technical Consults in my office at 50€/hour plus 21%VAT

The fees for the following professional services are assessed on a case by case basis:

.-. New Projects (1),

.-. Legalization Projects (1),

.-. AFO and Antiquities Certificates (1),

.-. Certified Legal Reports (currently used for civil claims)

.-. Land Surveys for preparation of topographical documentation for the alteration of the cadastral parcel and / or buildings.

.-. Georeferencing of the resulting plot/buildings + Generation of GML files.

.-. G.V.R. (Graphic Validation Report) for plots

.-. I.C.U.C. (Cadastral Report on the Location of Constructions),

.-. Registering and managing signatures for processing the documentation with the cadastral main office.

.-. Repairing and Refurbishment Projects

.-. Project Management,

.-. Technical Assistant,

.-. Economic Valuation for Repairing Work found during the Building Survey,

.-.Technical Consults on site plus the round trip from my office.


NOTE: Pursuant to the provisions of the Joint Resolutions of the General Directorate of Cadastre and the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries of October 25, 2015. regulating the technical requirements for compliance with the obligations of information provision by Notaries established in the Revised Text of the Cadastre Law. ("BOE" no. 260, of October 30, 2015, pages 102572 to 102584) and which regulates the technical requirements for the exchange of information between Cadastre and Land Registries (BOE" no. 260, of October 30, 2015, pages 102644 to 102658), following the specified methodology.

This means, that for some certificates and projects it is necessary to incorporate the coordinates (X ; Y) of the plot and/or existing buildings, To obtain them it will be necessary to carry out a topographic survey,