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You never have a second chance to make a first good impression!

Tips for home sellers on some little things that you can do to help yourself to sell your home expediently.

1.-Remove extra and unnecessary furniture, rooms that are pared down feel bigger allowing potential buyers to imagine their furniture in those spaces.

2.-Neutralize your home.Funky colors on walls, doors, also ceilings may be great for you, but could turn off a potential buyer. Same happens with artwork and personal decoration and furniture.

3.-Depersonalize your home removingfamily pictures, children’s toys and artwork, any kind of trophies, religious artifacts. You need buyers to fantasize themselves in the property and not feeling as if they’re intruding on your personal space.

4.-Your memories will last forever in the property, but hopefully the selling process won’t. Objectively in the end your home is as a product on a shelf, It’s hard, but crucial, to let go any kind of emotionally detach.

5.- Your home’s exterior should look polished, for that try toimprove its curb appeal pruning the bushes and trees, painting the fences, trimming the grass and so on in order to show your home is well cared. That inspire confidence in potential buyers.

6.-The property has to be clean, and clean means clean. Not even a fresh paintwill give you a higher return on your investment than a good top-to-bottom cleaning, whether by you or professionals. It means more than dusting and vacuuming: power-wash the outside of your home, wash windows both sides (in &out), have furniture and carpets cleaned,wash cupboard fronts and floors.

7.- It may seem cold or without feeling, but not everyone finds half-chewed toys in the lounge, messy pet bowls and the distinctive aroma of a well-used litterbox to be charming, nor do the potential buyers share your love for four-legged or finned friends. Keep aquariums and small-animal cages spotlessand/or consider boarding your pet with a friend, at least while the house is showed.

8.-If you try to sell your property as Americans, it means through an “open house”, up the décor quotient even if your home is decorated beautifully. Few extra touches can make the difference that leads to a sale.

.-Put fresh flowers in pretty vases throughout the house

.- Replace heavy draperies with light ones.

.- New cheap pillows can light up a dreary sofa, also fresh paint makes even the saddest room look more cheerful.

.-Turn on all the lights (especially in darker rooms or on darker days)

.- Make sure all doors in the home, even the bathroom door, are open.

.- Tidy up all evidence of your family’s recent occupation: shampoo bottles out of sight, beds made, laundry put away, counters clean, dishwasher emptied.

Good luck!